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j: ok (1 year, 9 months ago)

Athenians Jon: Very tough one that. Excellent grid. Solveable but very challenging. (3 years, 9 months ago)

chillout: very good but the chariots did me! (3 years, 9 months ago)

Kenny Lynch: Sportsman link was slightly tenuous for my liking, but other than that a good grid again by razmuz! (3 years, 9 months ago)

Hampton Quimbles: Tough grid! Nice work, tricky if anglocentric references... (3 years, 9 months ago)

brighteyes: Killer, AKA Jerry Lee Lewis got stuck in my head for the nicknames and strawberry fields HAD to be a Beatles reference but wasn't. Threw me completely, very good. (3 years, 9 months ago)