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Hampton Quimbles: Tough grid! (4 years ago)

tronkil: thank you, toast... (4 years ago)

toast: I think the deer instruction is to check we can read! In other words that we are people not machines. The same check is often done with numbers or words presented in unusual script. (4 years ago)

Kenny Lynch: Quite entertaining though the rhyming connection was bollocks (4 years ago)

tronkil: yes, you're right… I thought 33 1/3 would be too much of a giveaway.

it's my first one… ;)

ps: whats with the deers? (4 years ago)

Thankfully: a puzzle comes along to challenge users.

I think there is a case of misleading people (me anyway), as the solution to 33.33 group used fractions as opposed to decimals. (4 years ago)