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Agree with: HughHugh & PhDelia. Once one was spotted, 16 were spotted.
Even then, without overlaps or multiple answers, it turned into easy straight away. (3 years, 12 months ago)

Kenny Lynch: Once you see the link, it's easy (or easier) - but I was blind to it! (4 years ago)

Garanjo: It was originally set to hard but due to voting it moved to medium (4 years ago)

Kenny Lynch: Hells tits, that was tricky! (4 years ago)

RowG: Sorry not what I'd class as a medium level (4 years ago)

odesiw: Too early in the morning for me. I was nowhere near to the solution. (4 years ago)

HughHugh: I'm with PhDelia (4 years ago)

PhDelia: I found this easy. When there are 2 words, it screams at you to look at the join first. (4 years ago)

Davine Tancher, Northumberland: Yes I agree pete.. I would really like to know the creators true identity (4 years ago)

Pete Santos, Maidstone: I really like the way in which tje creator also took the periodic table and integrated the elements into other is truly baffaling how this mind can range from this to chemistry
(4 years ago)

Bob Smtih , Exeter: This kid must be a right intelliegent guy (4 years ago)

kpn: hard (4 years ago)