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@urbanbaboon: 7/10 fell into the airplane trap. (1 year ago)

Car / Aircraft: Aircraft / Car. Which is right, which is wrong. (4 years, 3 months ago)

Davyhulme: Poor grid. Answered us state capitals and was incorrect. Didn't know eminem link and randomly input the word life and was marked correct. (4 years, 6 months ago)

vaigret: Suzy +1 and toast +1 (4 years, 6 months ago)

Suzy: "pop groups" not accepted for "rock bands" (4 years, 6 months ago)

toast: I put in nothing for the Eminem songs and was marked correct. Is that a subtle comment on the depth of his lyrics? Thanks for the grid anyway. (4 years, 6 months ago)

spud: I put in "band names" and "state capitals" and it didn't accept them! (4 years, 6 months ago)

booRocket: I almost got full points! Nice one, although wings on a car confused me... (4 years, 6 months ago)