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carol: my usual gripe - wouldn't accept 'written communication materials'. don't care if PuzzGrid gets annoyed with me - the answers have to be as carefully constructed as the grids. (4 weeks ago)

Alex & Laura: Did it on our first go :) (2 months ago)

haywood: Lemon squeezy (6 months, 2 weeks ago)

MARS: Easy (7 months, 3 weeks ago)

Endpaper: In this case, it has to be copy and not accept copies. Copy is both a noun (replica, clone) and a verb (reproduce, imitate). So it does need to be copy to fit everything in the group (8 months, 3 weeks ago)

Betty Blue: Very good one (8 months, 3 weeks ago)

paper: would not accept copies (9 months, 2 weeks ago)

Anne Witton: Replica is a noun. Replicate is the verb. (9 months, 2 weeks ago)

Weetum: Should be replicate (1 year, 1 month ago)

Eliza: Neat cross-connections (2 years ago)

Sandybaby: Just revisited this after some years. Thanks for your kind comments. I was one of the early joiners. My partner and I had a slight addiction to compiling the Puzzgrids for a while. (2 years ago)

Winston Smith: It was quite easy, but I did enjoy it. Some mediums seem very difficult and some, like this, a bit easy. Some have pointed out that Replica is a noun, but I think that it’s OK as they’re synonyms for copy, and copy can be a noun. Some good red herrings, but a little easy. That’s not a bad thing as such, more a problem with how it was categorised. (2 years ago)

Roo too: Oh it's good (2 years, 2 months ago)

Hi: What's wrong with"can be written on"!!?

(2 years, 6 months ago)

Besty: Great Grid (3 years ago)

Dan: Replica is a noun (3 years, 1 month ago)

Barbara: enjoyable and doable. A nice puzzle (3 years, 5 months ago)

Mark: Good, but super easy (3 years, 6 months ago)

Toby: I got all the connections easily, just so many overlaps made it really trappy to connect. Altho I didn't get carbon till i was given it, I was thinking dating ____ game, but wahh! (3 years, 6 months ago)

Porimrose: Nicely themed (3 years, 6 months ago)

A: What LilyB said. If replica was changed to replicate it would work. (3 years, 9 months ago)

Oddball: A very clever grid,despite the aforementioned reservations! (3 years, 9 months ago)

Blondydondy: Flipping carbon!!! (3 years, 10 months ago)

Hampton Quimbles: @natalichka and @quodlibet agree top herrings. Sound grid all round. (3 years, 10 months ago)

LilyB: replica is not a verb - should be replicate (4 years ago)

Sky: Nice, not vey difficult but well crafted (4 years, 1 month ago)

Rosemary: Nice one! (4 years, 2 months ago)

Mike: Great job. I'd like replicate too (4 years, 2 months ago)

natalichka: oh i do agree replica should probably be replicate to match perfectly. but again.... a great & enjoyable grid :: thank you for taking the time to put it up! peace.... ^_^ (4 years, 2 months ago)

natalichka: excellent in so many ways..
many' red herrings' & interesting connections..
[grr.. the term PC is annoying as it also just means personal computer].. other than that tidbit.. very enjoyable wall! ^_^ (4 years, 2 months ago)

jangles: Should replica be replicate? (4 years, 2 months ago)

Neilo: Good fun. (4 years, 3 months ago)

reetawd: Ok (4 years, 3 months ago)

Jenn17er: Excellent many crossovers (4 years, 4 months ago)

Alexandra: Best one yet (4 years, 4 months ago)

elgrippa: nice one (8 years ago)

quodlibet: very good use of red herrings
(8 years, 3 months ago)

Cauldon: Really enjoyed that one (8 years, 5 months ago)