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QuizDawg: oooh snap! Dang, Jo - you got served (6 days, 8 hours ago)

CM: Thanks everyone. To me at least, score is a crossword commonplace for a period of twenty years, but it isn't in Chambers now that I've checked, so I'll fall on my sword for that one. Harris is a village on Rum I believe.
(6 days, 21 hours ago)

Jo: Harris is an island, not a town. The largest town on Harris is Tarbert. (1 week ago)

Krista: Dictionary doesn`t say score means anything to do with time! (1 week ago)

Grugen: Possibly three score and ten, a bit tenuous but just about fits. (1 week ago)

Philj: The homophones about time are not right - what has score got to do with time? (1 week, 1 day ago)

Angie T: Thanks CM. It’s a nice grid - just that one square didn’t seem right to me Stopped me giving it 5* (1 week, 1 day ago)

The Void: Score is a unit of time? (1 week, 1 day ago)