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pfaurenz: Good grid, didn't know the band's name but knew these were songs. Nice red herrings (5 months, 4 weeks ago)

SpaggBol: Nice grid...10/10 - we must be on the same wavelength! (5 months, 4 weeks ago)

The Void: I was no good on Breathe group, so only 5/10, but fair enough. Good grid! (6 months ago)

bournemouth: Good grid. I recognized two Prodigy songs but all the aircrafts also seemed like plausible names for Prodigy songs. (6 months ago)

Lebamski: A solid and very enjoyable grid. Managed 10/10, but had me stumped for much of the first two minutes! Thanks. (6 months ago)

Mugwump: Great grid - didn't manage to get any of the groups in the 3 minutes though knew what 3 of them were. Got all 4 right once the grid was resolved. (6 months ago)