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The Void: I second Lebamski's comment. (6 months ago)

Lebamski: The 'Tu' group is inspired, and the 'Doe' group is also fine. The 'Yak' group feels incredibly esoteric, and the 'Haz' group is a bit too vague and subjective. Some nice ideas, but this needed further refinement to really work. (6 months ago)

Andy P: Well, the Avenue line was good, a genuine connection that people could have plausibly solved, and of the style that could be plausibly used on the show itself. The rest, well, my mother once told me that if I had nothing positive to say, to say nothing at all. (6 months ago)

Only Me: Hmmm. I got none, but feel that I should have got some. Nice grid though. (6 months ago)

Giggsy: Bit vague for me this time (6 months ago)