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Jo: Tricky!! (6 months ago)

Gstar: Fiendish! Gona disagree with the other comments - I think part of the fun is that some of the words fit more than one, but every category has unique ones. Definite room for improvement though as it is a bit close on 3 lives (6 months ago)

Robbo62: Saw all the connections, didn't manage to solve them though. Devilishly clever, closer to fiendish i would say. Definitely one of my favourites. (6 months ago)

Mister Tom: Gave this 5 stars by mistake- no unique solution. Nice idea though (6 months ago)

Giggsy: Good idea - and good fun, although agree that town group could be up and stairs could be up or down. So not sure they are 4 totally unique groups. Thanks. (6 months ago)

pfaurenz: 4/10. good red herings. The town category can either be up or down, it's apparent once you got the theme though. (6 months ago)

The Void: 5/10. Saw the theme quite early, but struggled for ages to get any groups. Really good crossovers. Excellent! (6 months ago)