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FUCK YOU (2 weeks ago)

Leow Bee Keng: Thank you, I enjoyed the grid, (2 weeks, 2 days ago)

JS: Betelgeuse is the star. Beetlejuice is the film - so this doesn't work, sorry. (2 weeks, 2 days ago)

Giggsy: I think those comments wrap up the concerns. Keep at it. (2 weeks, 2 days ago)

Gunner: Won't accept Marauders for HP - get on the lore if you're gonna ask a question. Those four being the Marauders is pretty basic knowledge for a quiz setter.

Won't accept 'movies' for the TB films. Also the film is called 'Beetlejuice' not the way the star is spelled so that's just not on. (2 weeks, 2 days ago)

Darto: Sorry - not one of your better efforts. Betelgeuse is just plain wrong (2 weeks, 2 days ago)

Andyandyandy: Misspelling something to make it a red herring isn't the way. (2 weeks, 2 days ago)

LGG: Would have been nice to accept 'Marauders' (2 weeks, 2 days ago)