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Mister Tom: No crossovers... but lots of false leads. I liked it (4 weeks ago)

BusyBee: Not bad but not a single crossover, basically as soon as you spot a group you finish it. (4 weeks ago)

Deano: Grand grid. Thanks (4 weeks, 1 day ago)

Peekay: Great little grid, my 10/10 was only thwarted by my inability to spell-check "Business"...thanks for setting (4 weeks, 1 day ago)

Asciliam: Very nice, lots of false trails. Kicked myself for not getting some of these. (4 weeks, 1 day ago)

Only Me: Hmmm. I was ripping through this one but was stumped by the fox group. 7/10 for me. Good grid. (4 weeks, 1 day ago)

bonehead: very good, didn't get many but that was my fault (4 weeks, 1 day ago)