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Matty Mungbean: good fun grid
ignore the jobsworths (1 month ago)

truecockney: I'm not a professional puzzle setter (far from it) and try to take things on board. Maybe I should have put "position" in the diving clue, but oh well. As long as it has been understood, I don't care.
And maybe we have influenced the next Only Connect series with our ideas :) (1 month ago)

FirstGofer: Nice one! Things seem to be getting quite critical these days. We all try to set good grids, and be original, but we all make the occasional mistake, or misjudge how solvable a grid might be. (1 month ago)

DH: love it (1 month ago)

Jody: Ignore the haters - quality grid! Thanks (1 month ago)

bb: Liked it. "Pike" isn't a somersault, by the way. In the pike position the legs are straight rather than bent at the knees as in the tuck position. (1 month ago)

Mister Tom: ... I was wrong 🤣 (1 month ago)

chris: nice grid (1 month ago)

Mister Tom: Groups fine, needed crossovers. Can't please anyone some days, can you? (1 month ago)

P: Three excellent groups, one a bit dodgy. Good grid though. (1 month ago)