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FirstGofer: Was never going to get the Sneak group. Like the Sketch group... which personally I think works, even though I didn't get it! (10 months ago)

Andy P: Cool. I did wonder how that would go down. I thought it was clever and challenging but also a bit unorthodox to say the least. Nice to hear both sides I guess. Cheers. (10 months ago)

Johnny: Gotta say, I disagree, I thought it was the best group! Thought all the synonyms were legitimate. (10 months ago)

JonBob: Yeah, that's a really fair criticism. I wouldn't have been able to phrase it so nicely. The "tie" and "conclude" connections are completely fair and very clever, but the other two stretch the concept a bit far. (10 months ago)

DH: challenging but good.

the draw category is too tough iMHO:

- draw as a noun (tie)

- draw as a verb (sketch) that can be both transitive and intransitive:

"I drew", "I drew a kitty cat"

other 2 senses of draw that are intransitive verbs only

Elicit is "draw out" only, isn't it, like a"draw out" is idomatic for Elicit?

Conclude same is "draw to an close" or other similar phrases

This answer *elicits*a sigh from me, and as I "draw this rant to an end" i say good day sir

(10 months ago)