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Matt: Didn't get the hedge or death groups at all. I was thrown off by bell noises (4 months ago)

Andy P: Great grid. I like it when I can get 10/10 but I have to work for it. (4 months ago)

chris: very easy but well formed grid. nice one (4 months ago)

ThinksTwice: Excellent! I couldn't see the Hog line, and gave up at seven. It's nice how the clock isn't running when I have to explain the last row :-) (4 months ago)

FirstGofer: Sorry HJGB, but fighting doesn't work with Foo. (4 months ago)

HJGB: Good grid although it didn't accept 'fighting' for bull, foo etc (4 months ago)

Mister Tom: Good, though BETS is slightly awry (4 months ago)