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Roopgrockie: Oh that was cruel. (4 months, 2 weeks ago)

Mister Tom: Fair enough, that's a reasonable distinction. Thanks for the explanation! I did resolve the thing so that was probably in the subconscious mind somewhere... (6 months, 4 weeks ago)

JSilverman1: Mister Tom: fair points, but I beg to differ. The ones in the Discovery group are all 'Channels' and not 'Networks' (like the Cartoon Network, the Lifetime Network, etc. etc.) and that was the distinction that I was shooting for. Cartoon and Business were intentional misfires, but I think the grid works out pretty okay if you accept that explanation. That said: thanks for playing it, and I appreciate your feedback. (6 months, 4 weeks ago)

Mister Tom: I think Cartoon can go in the Discovery group, Business In the Vandalise Group and weather/ travel in the obituary group, which would mean non unique solution. Nice ideas tho (7 months ago)

marvinthemartian: very clever indeed (7 months ago)