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haywood: not accepting "engine" or "motor" for the diesel line is a pity.
golf line is a killer with 6 possibilities, not being a golfer I've never herd of "hybrid" which could be anything (but ok, good crossover with engine/motor, if that had been accepted). Idem cheese, a bit random. (9 months ago)

CatherineR1: Clever - pin would fit three of the four cheese answers too. I put power too for the train one - so close! (9 months ago)

FirstGofer: Shame it didn't accept engine power, but otherwise good grid (9 months ago)

bluetruck: This is nothing to do with the grid I'm afraid (which was a good challenge, cheers) but the game stopped and told me after about 40 seconds that time was up, then left me to fill in the answers while it continued counting down but from "-2:45" etc (with a minus at the front). Even now the timer keeps resetting and is currently on "-5:44"

Not sure if something's gone wonky with my device but just throwing a heads up out there for any passing admins (9 months ago)