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JSilverman1: edc: Thanks for your kind words, thanks for playing, and most importantly thanks for your patience! (7 months, 3 weeks ago)

edc: relieved about the goat issue, i cdnt get it. also clever pronoun one- i missed it but was spending too long on the "sheep" maybe. best puzzle creator so a mistake on his/her side instead of mine is nice to see! (7 months, 4 weeks ago)

JSilverman1: FirstGofer: you're right, I screwed up here. In the way that I compile and put together potential responses, I made an error and rushed this one through. Och! Sorry. Wish I could take it back, but what can you do? (8 months ago)

FirstGofer: 3 of the groups work. However, the Billy Goat group is just wrong... a Billy Goat is ... erm... a GOAT! As is a Kid. Goats and sheep are different species. Merino is a breed of sheep, so the only one that actually fits your solution is Ram. (8 months ago)

Benny Fishall: Oh! I must be out of tune with puzzling like this. Could not fathom it, even when presented with the solution. (8 months ago)