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Lebamski: Agree with the "Horse" and "Police" quibbles, which could have been easily resolved. Otherwise an enjoyable and challenging grid. Thanks! (11 months ago)

FirstGofer: Agree with kittymcg... dropping the The in Police is a bit contrived. There are so many one word bands that would have worked better. (11 months ago)

Andy P: Good grid. Scored 10 to boot. The kitten group was excellent. (11 months ago)

Link99: Well, I think that this grid would have been better if I had replaced "horse" with "castle" (and in this case, it wouldn't refer to the rook, but the "castling" move) (11 months ago)

@urbanbaboon: 10/10 liked it, harder than my score shows.
I've coached middle school (grades 5-7) and though horse isn't right, it's surprising how many kids learn it that way. Rooks are sometimes called "castles" too. (11 months ago)

kittymcg: Sorry to nitpick but the band is The Police. I can also find no references to the knight in chess being known as the horse in English. I enjoyed it otherwise, thank you. (11 months ago)

Only Me: 2/10 Hmmm tricky one for me. (11 months ago)