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Lebamski: Very easy, a few crossovers would have made this more engaging. I got lucky on answering the "crustaceans" group exactly as you'd input the answer, so just take care on future grids with your acceptable answers as urbanbaboon has already mentioned. Thanks! (8 months, 3 weeks ago)

@urbanbaboon: Nice board, not too complex but enjoyable.
I was going to say what Bob said more nicely, as a suggestion for future board, when you have an answer, put in the singular and the plural, or like in this case, instead of Identities, just put Ident, and the design of the game will allow either. Same on the critter line, just write critter and it will accept critter or critters. (9 months ago)

Bob: Pretty poor. Getting the groups is trivial as there are no overlaps. But then getting some of the connections is impossible. E.g. The group with the single word description "Crustaceans" doesn't accept "crustacean" as the answer. (9 months ago)

She Dog: Really fun! (9 months ago)