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cazza: good (2 weeks ago)

Mr Cutie: too easy... (8 months ago)

koshatnik: Great mix of categories. Poor knowledge in a couple of areas left me with too many Mary Rose relatives to sort out the groups - and thirsty ... (8 months ago)

Matty Mungbean: good grid (8 months ago)

Only Me: Very enjoyable. Thanks. (8 months ago)

Steve h: 3 lines within 30seconds then a blank for the pubs. Not bad (8 months ago)

Jon: Found it pipsy tbh. (8 months ago)

@urbanbaboon: 3/10 Maybe it's a USA vs UK thing, but this was really difficult.
Reading the answers, I only found the Meridian line, over the top. Decent grid. (8 months ago)

anthony: a good grid (8 months ago)

Orlando: Two groups (Red Dragon was the tricky one) and four links. Liked it, especially the Green Dragon line. (8 months ago)

Peekay: Nice, liked this one a lot 10/10 (8 months ago)