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Peekay: FirstGofer......Yes, see it now.....I'm of an age you know, creaky eyes :) (9 months ago)

FirstGofer: 2/10... got the 'missing' group and solution but the obscurity of the other groups stumped me. @Peekay... the grid I see has the c in socrates. (9 months ago)

Orlando: Took one look and gave up. Couldn't see anything at all familiar to get me started. (9 months ago)

Peekay: You missed the "C" from Socrates which ruled it out for me, and as James stated the other answers were bafflingly obscure
(9 months ago)

JamesD: For my taste, you've taken a solid core concept but then spoiled it by picking items that are too obscure. (9 months ago)