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Andy P: Tough, scored 3. Too many overlaps for me to sort out but a good grid nevertheless. Cheers (6 months ago)

FirstGofer: Well set... sorted the groups with seconds to go my missed the Angers connection. A fine challenge (6 months ago)

RBR45: got the links but so many crossovers meant couldn't get all the groups in time - good grid. (6 months ago)

Orlando: Very nice. Reminds me of a recent and truly fiendish grid full of women's names from song titles. I spent three minutes looking for an inexistent group of first ladies. This was hard but fair. (6 months ago)

koshatnik: Love the Eleanor Rugby typo. That must be the sport they play in Liverpool ;) A fine grid too (6 months ago)

Misrer Tom: Excellent. (6 months ago)

Matt: beatles line was good (6 months ago)