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cazza: alms and porn are most definitely not homophones of arms and pawn. looks like you don't pronounce rs at all...... (4 months, 1 week ago)

kittymcg: Great fun. Thank you (11 months, 4 weeks ago)

Carley’s mum: Far too clever for me! Satisfying answers (1 year ago)

Orlando: @Mister Tom: Grassy arse. (1 year ago)

Mister Tom: Knot the wurst (1 year ago)

JamesD: Lovely stuff, well done. (1 year ago)

Lebamski: I enjoyed this one. As you say, once you recognise the common theme the clues fall into place quite quickly. Still, a great concept and good fun. Thanks! (1 year ago)

FirstGofer: Excellent concept - took a minute to figure out the theme, then the groups came quickly. Clever! (1 year ago)

Orlando: PS. Should work for Americans too, apart from "porn" maybe. (1 year ago)

Orlando: Hopefully this won't be too hard once solvers catch on to the theme.
Warning: regional accents may vary. All of these clues work with Standard English pronunciation so please don't tell me how they are pronounced in Northumberland or wherever. (1 year ago)