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Lebamski: A nice idea, but this grid proves why it's so tricky to have four "words before/after" clues in one grid. "Count" and "Stand" could be swapped directly and still fit the stated connections, so the grid technically has more than one correct answer. As others have already pointed out, there are other connections which could fit the correct groups, which makes the grid a bit too frustrating overall. (1 year ago)

@urbanbaboon: 6/10, the words used are too common.
The Blow group could be "Out"- no credit
The Down group could be "Take" or others - no credit (1 year ago)

JamesD: Indeed, it's often tricky to use common phrasal verbs as they work with a number of valid solutions. I had the same group as "back", which also fits correctly. Still, a jolly well-made grid. (1 year ago)

duckling drama: I thought the mark group would work as shut...but enjoyed the grid. (1 year ago)