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FirstGofer: erm... gray isn't exactly a homophone, but an alternative (US) spelling of the colour (I mean, color) grey. (8 months, 1 week ago)

JamesD: Plot twist: in this dialect, G-U-L-L-E-D is pronounced pərpəl. (8 months, 1 week ago)

Orlando: 7/10. Missed the song link but guessed the homophones despite the non-standard English. Online dictionaries have phonetic transcriptions in case you ever need to check. (ɡəʊld and ɡʌld) (8 months, 1 week ago)

@urbanbaboon: 6/10 a fair grid to play. tough to ace for sure (8 months, 1 week ago)

bonehead: as below - in what dialect is gulled pronounced as gold? New one on me (8 months, 2 weeks ago)

JamesD: Gulled? (8 months, 2 weeks ago)

PERNICKERTY: GULLED? REALLY? (8 months, 2 weeks ago)