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Lebamski: Simple but effective. Good fun. Thanks! (1 week, 5 days ago)

JonBob: Lovely. Need more easy grids like this to rebuild my confidence after staring blankly at RossChris craziness. (1 week, 6 days ago)

@urbanbaboon: 10/10 straightforward. Fine game (1 week, 6 days ago)

Aetees: Simple but fun. (1 week, 6 days ago)

Orlando: Another nice one. Didn't get a 10 this time due to ignorance of Disney characters. (1 week, 6 days ago)

Andy P: Really good again and enjoyably straightforward, but definitely less so than your other grid that I just did. Took me much longer here. Cheers (1 week, 6 days ago)