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Andy P: Ohhh nice line of thought, Urban. Might steal that idea off you at a later date.... But no, it wasn't deliberate, not in the slightest. Maybe you're too clever for this grid. (1 year ago)

@urbanbaboon: 4 of 10, got sidetracked by something I know little about,pro wrestling, found Sting, Cane, & Rock in there, wondering if this was intentional? (1 year ago)

Steve h: 2easy lines guessed the next 2 then messed up the answers .pretty good one (1 year ago)

Andy P: Yeah a fair point, maybe I was a bit slack in things accepted for that one. (1 year ago)

bonehead: iliad, troy should have been ok for one group I thought. (1 year ago)

Jon: lovely (1 year ago)

Lebamski: Very tough, with some specific knowledge needed for a couple of groups. An enjoyable challenge though. Thanks! (1 year ago)

Andy P: Fair enough :) I just thought it was too good a connection to leave out, and was hoping people could work out it when it came down to it. (1 year ago)

Orlando: 4/10. Never heard the terms in the "snowman" line. "Hurricane" and "interesting" should've rung bells though. Cheers. (1 year ago)