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toast: Liked the explanations which made the grid more enjoyable. (1 year ago)

Mister Tom: Actually I had 3 ways into the dutch group #lowbrowknowledge
:-) However it wasn't so clear how the dutch fitted in with the rest of the grid...
I guess this felt like a test of differentiation between plausible sounding alternatives rather than working out what was going on. Which is different at least. (1 year ago)

pseudonym: Thanks for the tips. Maybe I should have gone with X-Men as the fourth category, though surely Hellfire is general knowledge even for normal people.

The challenge here was certainly making it possible, not making it hard. You had, to my eye, exactly one way into the Dutch group. Miss that and you'd have to get very lucky. (1 year ago)

Andy P: Clever. Nice range of subject matter, found the Spike grid very obscure though. Scored 4/10, bit gutted I missed the Dutch group. (1 year ago)