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RBR45: Loves this grid 10/10 - liked the crossovers and appreciate the pedantry (10 months ago)

Mister Tom: @FirstGofer pedantry aside, it's still a horse. I accept this would make a wider group than the one you intended, but it's still a group.
While what constitutes a valid group is fuzzy - 'noun' being clearly invalid - I personally would not have written this even if i could think of it! (10 months ago)

FirstGofer: Thanks for all the feedback! @Mister Tom - strictly speaking, bronco and mustang are not interchangeable in this instance, as a bronco is any breed of untrained/untamed horse that bucks. Pedantic, I know, but if there's any place for pendantry, it's here :-) :-) (10 months ago)

Mister Tom: You can swap bronco and mustang for valid groups. (10 months ago)

Coochies: Tremendous grid, well done (10 months ago)

Andy P: Same as Urban, lots of threes for me. Couldn't get any groups in the end but identified 3 links afterwards, missing the Tennessee. Cheers for a tough one. (10 months ago)

JonBob: A lot of gaps in my knowledge here, but managed 7/10 with educated guesses. (10 months ago)

RossChris: This took a bit of working out but I got there in the end. Thank you for the tricky challenge. (10 months ago)

@urbanbaboon: 6/10 found a lot of groups of threes, unfortunately 4 is required. Lots of challenging crossovers...Good solid difficult board (10 months ago)