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Betty Blue: Nice one (6 months, 3 weeks ago)

Orlando: Liked this one. Tricky but doable. Couldn't sort the knots from the numbers. 6/10 (7 months ago)

RossChris: Great grid.Managed to get the full house on this after I figured out the Popeye Doyle link. Thank you for the test. (7 months ago)

Andy P: Is this your first grid, Scott?

Haha, cheers mate, nice one. (7 months ago)

Scott: Legitimately the best grid I've done. I got 10/10. Perfect balance of difficulty. Very satisfying. Good crossovers. I'm proud of you Andy P (7 months ago)

JonBob: A really fun one! (7 months ago)

Aetees: Very satisfying. (7 months ago)

koshatnik: A cracking grid as usual, thanks Andy. 7/10 for me. Can't believe I failed to untangle the slip group (7 months ago)

Lebamski: Very enjoyable, 7/10 for me. Some great crossovers. Thanks very much! (7 months ago)

FirstGofer: Excellent - really enjoyed this one. A nice mix of categories, good crossovers. Thank you! (7 months ago)