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urbanbaboon: Tough one 4/10. normally you see such similar words you wish it would be more distinct...but this one is well crafted as to be very distinct in its similarities. Nicely done. (3 months ago)

koshatnik: Lots of fun and a superbly built grid. Thank you. (3 months ago)

toast: Clever indeed. Well done. (3 months ago)

FirstGofer: Inspired... difficult but worth the effort. 5/10 for me... just didn't crack the groups in time. Great grid. (3 months ago)

Mister Tom: Splendid stuff. I did one of these with P once, but i forgive you :-p (3 months ago)

RossChris: This is a very, very, VERY clever grid. Excellent wordplay in three of the connections. I did manage to get the maximum score as a cursory glance suggested there was much wordplay involved so I had an idea what to look for. To have every answer beginning with the same letter shows genius in construction. Well done and thank you so very much. (3 months ago)