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RossChris: Thanks for the additional comments, FIrstGofer and Coochies. I am at a loss to explain how "fencing" has worked as an answer; but heigh-ho, the grid says it was right so well done you! (1 year ago)

FirstGofer: Enjoyed it... would have struggled to see the groups without Pevensie and Let Tam but after that fell into place. Couldn't get the Watson connection though. Well set, as usual :-) (1 year ago)

Coochies: That Konta crossover is delicious.

One thing on the Kirrin-Pevensie-Brown-Banks group, typed in "fencing" as a complete guess and somehow got awarded a correct answer. I'm not complaining, will take the points wherever I can find them! (1 year ago)

RossChris: Thanks for the comments, Mister Tom and koshatnik. Of course you are right about Nerf being a brand created by Parker but it made for a better anagram than anything I could get from Fisher-Price and other manufacturers! (1 year ago)

koshatnik: Four satisfying groups, thanks RossChris. The family set was one I should have identified, but didn't (1 year ago)

Mister Tom: Very nice... spotted the 4 groups but let down by a childhood bereft of Blyton.
Fern is strictly a brand, but it's clear enough what you meant. (1 year ago)