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Andy P: Pointless? Try grid 14585 :-) (2 weeks, 5 days ago)

Mister Tom: 10/10 (Yay for hafnium knowledge... been watching pointless?)
(2 weeks, 6 days ago)

koshatnik: 5/10 for me. The football cities escaped me and though I knew the elements connection I couldn't pin down the group. Thanks for a fun grid Andy! (2 weeks, 6 days ago)

RossChris: Great grid. Did not get the Champions' league venues; but, on reflection, I should have done. Thank you for the testing puzzle.
(2 weeks, 6 days ago)

Cheeser: Loved this one! Combined football, chemistry and geography, a quizzers goldmine! (2 weeks, 6 days ago)

FirstGofer: Ouch! 2/10... well set. (2 weeks, 6 days ago)