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Andy P: Greenhead is an obscure type of fly. A tough one admittedly but I liked it as a crossover. (1 year, 1 month ago)

Lebamski: Tricky with some good crossovers, and I did get the "Spear" group! Thanks! (1 year, 1 month ago)

RossChris: I concur with FirstGofer; a good grid with tricky crossovers. Found the groups but I too would never have got the Spear group. Thank you for the fine challenge.

One of your components (is that the term?) has given me an idea for a connection so I shall use this in my next wall. The group it will be contained in will be quite different, of course. (1 year, 1 month ago)

FirstGofer: Good grid... Was never going to get the Spear group... ever! Can I ask what Greenhead is? (1 year, 1 month ago)