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geoff: pretentious and therefore not solvable and the american clues used twice (1 year ago)

RossChris: Thanks for your input, Red Salamander. I don't think I shall use any similar ideas in the future as they can be contentious. (1 year ago)

Red Salamander: A little more checking was required. To avoid falling into the other group, 'Words for which Americans have an alternative term' should only consist of words that are meaningless in the US. Unfortunately, (quick Googling...) in the US, 'Pavement' means the hard surface of a road and 'Tights' are what we in the UK call 'Leggings' (ie. thicker than 'pantyhose'). I guess you guys could have gone with 'Petrol', 'Post Code', 'Anticlockwise', 'Car Park', or even 'Boob Tube'! (1 year ago)

RossChris: Thank you for the comments. Much appreciated. (1 year ago)

kittymcg: A truly excellent grid! Thank you (1 year ago)

Steve h: Only got the addresses but was happy with that (1 year ago)