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Mister Tom: Sadly, can swap Micro and Peri, so non unique (11 months, 3 weeks ago)

FirstGo: Love it! (12 months ago)

Bowie: Fine effort. Thanks (12 months ago)

Blues: Thank you all, just drank too much Rioja to be sensible... Hic. (12 months ago)

Wiz: Toast, I have a feeling that a haven will have been found, don't you? (12 months ago)

Joan: Clever! (12 months ago)

toast: Very tricky, particularly liked the peri line. Hope you have found a suitable haven from the rain. (1 year ago)

Wiz: Salud!oh dear! (1 year ago)

Wiz: Buena salad ! (1 year ago)

Blues: Wiz, Ross, Kitty thank you, or as we say here in Spain (in the rain on holiday) El thank you. (1 year ago)

kittymcg: Great fun, as always. Thank you! (1 year ago)

RossChris: Very enjoyable. Thanks. (1 year ago)

Wiz: Hi. Blues, lively and imaginative as ever! (1 year ago)