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Peekay: What the actual f**k was this? Horrible (10 months ago)

toast: I only dimly grasped a few of these but it was an interesting few minutes. Thanks. (10 months ago)

Stew Dapple: Methinks you do jest with me; I am gridlocked! (10 months, 1 week ago)

Midge: Possibly the worst, unachievable grid so far. Sorry but they ought to be possible. (10 months, 1 week ago)

FirstGo: Forget french fries, that's fried my brain. Even if you crack some of the connections, impossible to complete in 3 minutes. (10 months, 1 week ago)

BuddyHell: No fun at all, practically impossible to complete!! (10 months, 1 week ago)

ABSURD: Is there a competition going on at the moment to see who can set the most ludicrously difficult grid with the aim that no-one can complete it? (10 months, 1 week ago)

RossChris: Anyone who solves this is a better man or woman than myself and Chris and we take our hats off to them. That said, I seem to have set a very tough grid today. We got the discover/penalised answer and a couple of others but that was about it.

I do agree with all of your synonyms; notably lynx and puma. These are quite separate species of wildcat. Cougar, mountain lion and even panther I can accept as a synonym for puma; but not lynx. (10 months, 1 week ago)

ecohansen: Apologies for the 2 truncated clues. I didn't know what the character limit was. (10 months, 1 week ago)