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anonymousmagic: You had me going with the red herrings and of course that last group got me :( (2 months, 1 week ago)

Andy: Good and nice to have an easy one amongst all the hard ones. (11 months ago)

casey: got all 4 links but wasn't able to put them together properly. (11 months, 1 week ago)

Aardvark: Nice but definitely an easy one. Did it in 20 secs but maybe just got lucky. (11 months, 1 week ago)

RossChris: I concur with Big Phil. Good grid with some crossovers though the categories are not obscure which is why it isn't too challenging. (11 months, 1 week ago)

Big Phil: Nice grid, a few doubles, nothing too difficult. (11 months, 1 week ago)