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Dude: Things you can LOSE. Doesn't accept LOSE so no one will get this all right. (7 months ago)

qjoaoq: This is the best. (10 months, 4 weeks ago)

Ooosh1066: Things you loose should be things you lose - no major issue! (11 months ago)

EJG: good grid spoiled by the fact that the answer lose is misspelled loose. Shame (11 months ago)

qjoaoq: Ok, I made this grid because I thought I spelled lose wrong in the first one, but ended up spelling it wrong here. (11 months ago)

anon: learn to spell :( (11 months ago)

Pseudonym: Mistmis should obviously read mistake. How ironic. Sorry x (11 months ago)

Pseudonym: Nice grid but shame about spelling mistmis in one of the answers. Should be lose not loose. (11 months ago)