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Dude: Not Gouda enough (1 month ago)

Ned K: It would indeed, one third of the cheesy references. (4 months, 4 weeks ago)

Ian: Would that be a cheese string of comments (4 months, 4 weeks ago)

Ned K: Having processed the string of comments, this must be ranked amongst the cream of grids. (5 months ago)

EJG: sense of humour failure, but that one 'connection' ... really? (5 months ago)

Wiz: I think we need to be be mature about this grid. (5 months ago)

My Stinking Little Bishop: I’ve got an addiction to cheese based quizzes. It’s only mild though.
(5 months ago)

RossChris: I would like to say this was a good grid, but to be honest I found the connections a bit cheesy. (5 months ago)

toast: I will have no truckle with a cheese-based grid that doesn't even mention Welsh rarebit. (5 months ago)