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Mister Tom: Nice ideas - interestingly, Strand is also an old tobacco brand (I did something with this and monopoly a while back :-p ) (4 months, 4 weeks ago)

g: tobacco products? (5 months ago)

Tootô: I got ten points, dem whinies should leave you alone. Nice one, not too difficult, not too easy! (5 months ago)

ejg: shame it didn't accept tobacco - but good grid otherwise (5 months ago)

Midge: Good gridding, thank you
(5 months ago)

JCG: Though it's admittedly odd, the state is spelled "Connecticut." Fun categories. (5 months ago)

Conneticut?: Google, use it! (5 months ago)

GRS: Awesome grid! Loved the states and tobacco and orange link! (5 months ago)