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TommiBryson: I had no idea they were all Test Cricketers too! that's rather amusing :D
as for paper islands, they're cartographic errors so to speak; islands that were included in multiple maps despite not being real. (10 months ago)

Wiz: I think it's or was in Copenhagen. And I think there is a stationery outlet with that name too. (10 months ago)

ejg: I too put England Test Cricketers! Also, paper islands? I thought Emerald Isle... what are paper islands? (10 months ago)

RossChris: I enjoyed this grid, though I did not suggest the Canterbury Tales connection but proposed an alternative link. Alistair/Nick COOK, Nick KNIGHT, Dermot REEVE and Geoff MILLER are all present/former England test cricketers. (10 months ago)