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GRID SQUAD: Blimey, bit harsh? (8 years ago)

Mondae: Yes, the CapsLock was a bit annoying, but apart from that I can't see anything wrong with this one. All the categories were accurate, and the keywords were fair. It is quite a difficult grid, but is described as such, and surely that's the the idea - to have grids of varying difficulty? (8 years ago)

Me: What an awful grid! Maybe it's the caps that put me off, or maybe it's just the fact that all the answers could fit anywhere unless you were lucky enough to stumble across the same thought pattern as you when deciding the final solution. Maybe it's because i'm pissed, maybe it'd because i'm a retard ( a combination of the above i'm afraid ) , but i just hated this grid and hate all grids like it. Apart from that, nice one! (8 years ago)

Mondae: Good grid, Penguin could also be Penguin books! (8 years ago)