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Weetum: Fun to do. (6 months ago)

toeswest: Equestrian should definitely have been included Group 4 solution words. (6 months ago)

Omegaman: Should accept equestrian terms as well as horse riding and not sure that the force is with you. (6 months ago)

Benny Dorm: Good stuff-had me fooled. (6 months ago)

Only Me: Good work. (6 months ago)

Only Me: Good work. (6 months ago)

Curious cat: Quite easy, but fun nonetheless! (6 months ago)

JamesD: An extremely hard grid, but a great one. "Reinforce" is a classy red herring, with all the riding paraphernalia in there, and I was fooled by the shadow group of lines: zipline, whip line, fishing line, poetic line, and so on. Great work! (6 months ago)