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dabba: Fun thank you (9 months, 1 week ago)

Heather: JamesD I find you a bit much. (10 months, 4 weeks ago)

PERNICKERTY: Must brush up on my Shakespeare! (11 months ago)

toast: Nice work. (11 months ago)

Eris: Very clever! I enjoyed the connections. (11 months ago)

Mike: Obvious when you see the complete lines; until then very hard to see (11 months ago)

Tbone: Very fun grid. Easy to spot other links once you have one, but I like how random the things seem in each group e.g. don't literally mean the same as the link. (11 months ago)

Ian: Very good, took me a while but got there (11 months ago)

Benny Dorm: Good fun. (11 months ago)

Nellington: Very nice grid! (11 months ago)

Only Me: Very nice. Thanks. (11 months ago)

sam: good fun (11 months ago)

Curious cat: Great grId (11 months ago)

JamesD: Very nice grid indeed. For your next, think about mixing the categories up a little, with maybe a word category, something more general knowledge based, that sort of thing. These categories are all very much in the same genre or style. (11 months ago)