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alicoo: Five not 5 (1 month, 2 weeks ago)

TooCleverByHalf: also '5' is not accepted as correct. Not that it matters too much, nobody is keeping score, you will be pleased to know I awarded myself the point anyway! (I could feel your concern) (11 months ago)

Big Debs: h not a vowel (11 months ago)

EJG: Channel 5 is a TV channel in UK. Otherwise it would be Chanel No. or Chanel Number (11 months ago)

Mister Tom: I guess Utah alternates vowel and consonant... a fun grid (11 months ago)

Mikelou: It's Chanel, not channel (11 months ago)

Tbone: Disappointed some of the answers don't make sense e.g. H isn't a vowel.
(11 months ago)

anthony: a good grid, (11 months ago)

Ben Feeka: A few problems here, but enjoyable. (11 months ago)

Curious cat: Don’t think they are in the wrong groups, nellington, as Omaha is a city in Nebraska not a state. Small mistake but didn’t affect my enjoyment of this grid - I got the states group first but obviously didn’t get the stated connection!! I could see the channel group but couldn’t get the right combination and I couldn’t see past Ellen Page for Juno!! (11 months ago)

Steve: Utah does not end in a vowel (11 months ago)

Wiz: They aren't right,that's for sure.Other groups are fine. (11 months ago)

Nellington: Utah and Omaha are in the wrong groups. (11 months ago)