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Squiggle: Mystified by the places- 'settlement' can refer to any size of place and a district is usually bigger than a town. Still works as a group but not for the connection you specify. (10 months, 1 week ago)

J.Cloth: Oh joy, what webs spun for our enjoyment. (10 months, 1 week ago)

TooCleverByHalf: what can i say, im a kendrick lamar fan! (10 months, 1 week ago)

Mister Tom: Should have used "Parish".... :p (10 months, 1 week ago)

TooCleverByHalf: True, however I never stated that it was a word. Bernard and Romeo are technically names as is Rigamortis (Kendrick Lamar song)
So I believe the connection is still valid.
Half the answers in this grid wont be found in the dictionary (10 months, 1 week ago)

Naomi: I think it's "rigor mortis"... "Riga"mortis is not a word. (10 months, 1 week ago)

toeswest: Nice grid! (10 months, 2 weeks ago)