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Mum3: Apologies. First submission. (6 days, 14 hours ago)

Omegaman: Agree about the keywords as Eric and Bay were not accepted but pleasingly it marked the synonym one correct
(6 days, 23 hours ago)

toeswest: learn how to use keywords in you answers (1 week ago)

Mike: I had all the answers right but was "correct" only once beacuse of pedantic marking (1 week ago)

Fridge: Good groups, a few herrings. Overall I like the puzzle. However your keywords are AWFUL. It wouldn't accept 'Eric' as the group of first names, it wouldn't accept 'Smart', 'Knowledge' or 'Discretion' for the wise group (typo as well), and the worst is the comedy duos. It wouldn't accept 'Comedy' or 'Duos'. So good wall but I had to give very low quality as it wouldn't accept any correct connections. (1 week ago)

4by4: From North East England? (Ant, Idle, Sage, Whitley, Robin Hood's) Small points - MorecAmbe, InfoRmed. Good fun. (1 week ago)