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EJG: solved it but too many that could be preceded by good - made it more about luck if you didn't get that set in the first 2
(11 months, 2 weeks ago)

pocketpair: elegant
(1 year ago)

george: easy but nice (1 year ago)

bonehead: excellent, ticks all boxes (1 year ago)

anthony: it was hard plenty of red herrings (1 year ago)

Jess Juan Cornetto: Great stuff! (1 year ago)

Caris: This was hard, though not eggstremely so. I got a little mixed up, but it came good in the end. (1 year ago)

Jezebel: Eggsellent work (1 year ago)

Nelly: Plenty red herrings. Enjoyed it (1 year ago)

Cupiditas: Fried my brain. (1 year ago)