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Caris: Annoying when stick is not accepted because the setter has written "stick" (1 week, 6 days ago)

Wiz: See my earlier comment SMck! (2 weeks, 3 days ago)

SMck: Put 'stick' - wrong!!!! Terrible & Frustration!!!!
Awful error in an otherwise decent grid - but what is a lopstick???? (2 weeks, 3 days ago)

John: Didn't accept 'Emoji'? (2 weeks, 3 days ago)

Wiz: Peekay,Google,it's there and complicated... (2 weeks, 4 days ago)

Peekay: Lop stick?????? (2 weeks, 4 days ago)

patch: Grid OK but answer acceptance not great. My correct, one-word answer for the Grinning face group was not accepted, but my incorrect (or rather, too general) answer for the Ghostbusters group was accepted. (2 weeks, 4 days ago)

Miss Slink: Nice, though surely it should be written AC/DC? (2 weeks, 4 days ago)